Day 5: Let’s get sensual!

Not like that! Yesterday’s Skyworks set against the beautiful Swan River and Perth City backdrop were truly spectacular. So whilst we were in that kind of awed mood we thought we should make today about exploring your senses. We better get started then!

  • Let’s start things off with a sense of nostalgia:
    The Substance of Memory,
    Presenter:Emily Hornum, Origin: Australia, Genre: Visual Art, Date/s: 10 am Tuesday 27 January 2015 to Saturday 7 February 2015, Duration:360 Minutes,Venue: Spectrum Project Space

Synopsis: The Substance of Memory is an exhibition integrating videos, projections, photo-media and sound installations that examines discourses surrounding family archives, memory and new media. Perth-based interdisciplinary artist Emily Hornum illuminates the ephemeral nature of memory and our reliance on external devices to archive our family memories.

This interactive and engaging exhibition will immerse audiences of all ages in a nostalgic dialogue with family archiving practices. Her installations interplay between analogue and digital technologies to expose their materiality and the ways in which they alter our multi-sensory experiences and participatory engagement with family archives.

The public is invited to come and talk with the artist throughout her two-week residency at Spectrum Project Space, which will be used as an open studio to refine the installations for this exhibition. The culminating exhibition will be open for two-weeks, with an opening night held on Thursday 29 January. A feature of the exhibition will be an Artist Talk to stimulate discussion surrounding new media and its effect on the family archive and memory, whilst the artist reflexively engages with her two-year practice-led research work-in-progress.

Details of Residency, Opening Night, Exhibition and Artist Talk can be found on Spectrum Project Space Facebook Page and

Review: This interactive venture has you exploring a multitude of senses as part of the experience. This is definitely the right way to get you started to feeling the world around you. This piece is so immersive it will transport you into a new plane of thought allowing you to really feel what the artist is trying to convey. With so many different mediums in displaying our connection with memory you are bound to at least find something that’ll ‘wow’ you

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Middle of the Day:

  • Lightbox, Presenter: Perth Cultural Centre Screen, Origin: WA, Genre: Visual Arts, Date/s: 3pm Tuesday 27 January 2015 to Saturday 21 February 2015Duration:539 Minutes, Venue: Perth Cultural Centre Screen


The Perth Cultural Centre Screen presents Lightbox: an illumination of international and local artists over a season of nightly visual art exhibitions, providing a textured backdrop to Fringe World. Live on the first day of Fringe. Full programme and exhibition times at

Review: When in doubt Perth’s cultural centre is definitely the place to be this festival. Light box will take you on a visual journey and explore further the multi-cultural art forms going on in Australia.

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Now let’s get a little metaphysical with our sense of ‘being’ in our feature today:

  • Conversations, Presenter: Australian Institute of Theatre Sports, Origin: WA, Genre: Theatre, Date/s: 6pm Tuesday 27 January 2015 to Thursday 5 February 2015Duration:50 Minutes, Venue: Cheeky Sparrow


Conversations is back for 2015 after a successful 2014 season. This year there will be more conversations and more improvisation

We have conversations every day, see some of these played out in front of your eyes and help shape the outcome. Conversations in our lives take many different paths, sometimes funny and sometimes sad, regardless you’ll be intrigued. The audience control the outcome of the conversation so each night will be different according to the whim of that audience. Get a group together and join us for conversations.

Review: Another ‘must see’ for any Theatre festival worth anything is some improvisation. This improvisation piece in particular is great. The use of conversations is not only intriguing and does tap into our sense of being, but is so relatable and entertaining without even trying. Another interactive experience that’ll keep you engaged throughout and your brain ticking over.

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  • Stay with us here as we go even deeper into our sense of intrigue….
    MUMMY , Presenter :Creative Collaborations, Origin: WA, Genre: Theatre, Date/s: 7.30 Tuesday 27 January 2015Duration:55 Minutes,Venue: Teatro 2 – The Pleasure Garden


Award winning Perth production company Creative Collaborations returns to Fringe World for a fourth consecutive season with ‘MUMMY’.

‘MUMMY’ is based, though very loosely, on a true story. The names and places have been changed but most people will remember something like this…
“In February last year, the body of an elderly lady was found in a flat in Melbourne. She’d been dead for six years. During that time, she’d often been seen standing at her window. A neighbour told the Coroner’s Court: “We looked up and there was someone at the top window. It looked like the old lady. She saw us, stepped back and moved away.”

Dead for six years and left to rot, she’s part of the furniture now. “Do you know how much I paid for this armchair? Look, it’s ruined! Scotchguard my arse… Perhaps I should have done!” Well, you’d be angry too.

“What did I do to deserve this?” Good question Alice, and I think you know very well what you did. And isn’t that him outside?

Written and directed by Mick Devine, starring Claire Munday. Warning: contains language as foul as the body itself, and small bones. “Genuinly moving. Decidedly weird.”


The rather morbid setting for this piece might have you more over-come with a sense of fear, but don’t you worry! MUMMY may look a bit too scary but it is also incredibly thought provoking and you will genuinely empathise with the protagonist. This is the last night to catch this, so I bet your glad we convinced you not to judge this by its ‘cover’. At the very least you will leave the theatre after watching this and it’ll at least add something to your ‘fringe’ experience.

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Late Evening:

Where’s your sense of Humour its time for some comedy to finish things of:

  • TITTY BAR HA HA : HARD TIME , Presenter:Mick & Boo , Origin :United Kingdom, Genre: Comedy , Date/s: 10.30pm Tuesday 27 January 2015 to Wednesday 28 January 2015Duration:60 Minutes, Venue: The West Australian Spiegeltent

Synopsis: After fleeing Club Titty Bar Ha Ha, the body has been dug up and the girls have been locked down.
The murderous hostesses, Hope and Gloria, return from their award nominated sell-out tour with more high-end musical filth and games.
Think Cell Block H meets Johnny Cash via Shawshank, sauce, sass and songs.

Review:  Again don’t be put off by the name here this is a night not to miss! With some songs and audience participation to keep your senses all over the place., not to mention the comedians that perform at this event, it will be sure to give your sense of humour a good ‘rib-tickling’!

Another day, another load of weird and wonderful things to ke